About MadaVoid

MadaVoid is Adam's gaming channel on YouTube. Adam was born in Scotland and now lives in Spain with his parents and two younger brothers. The channel is aimed at young people and folk that love gaming.

Adam has (or has access to) an iPad Mini (own), PC (own), Xbox One (family), PS4 (family) and Wii U (family). As game content goes Adam is allowed to play games that we consider appropriate to his maturity level, we do like so many other parents allow him to play games “classified” as older than his age and base this decision around the type of TV programs watched by his age group. Adam's dad is an active gamer and is aware of the content in many of the these games and will have discussion with him about certain elements found in some games. We don't take the pretend they don't play these games at their friend's houses or talk about this stuff in school approach, we think it's better to open up a dialogue with your children and remember what we were like in Secondary school.

Games Adam currently plays and this is subject to change depending on what comes out include World of Warcraft, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, Grand Theft Auto V and will be playing Overwatch from release. Note Adam wanted to have a gaming channel for several years now ever since he done WoW Mega Bloks un-boxing videos back in 2012 and so MadaVoid was set-up.

Rules: The terms and conditions at YouTube/Google state that you need to be of legal age to form a contract with them and so this channel is owned by Adam's parents.

Adam is monitored in his use of all forms of communication both on YouTube and via other social networks. However email to Adam will be solely read and replied to by his parents, anything appropriate for him to see will be printed off and shown. Adam will also be allowed to reply to appropriate comments personally and comment on other YouTuber's videos that he follows.

If you are a fan and wish to post something physical to Adam like a postcard (from where you live) or a letter, you can send it to the address below.

Buzón, 111
Avda. Cortes Valencianas, 50
03183 – Torrevieja (Alicante)

Fan mail will get a shout out on the channel, if you have a YouTube channel please include this.

Companies that wish to send a review copy of a toy or a game you can also send it to this address. If it's a digital copy or advanced access to a game beta, please use the Contact page to send your enquiry.